To open my mailbox like someone opening a surprise box and to feel the pleasure of discovery unleashed by an envelope decorated with stamps.
To be part of the world and also to discover it this way, with the help of those who share this vision.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Postcrossing postcard posted on the 19th July; received on the 28th July
Potscard image: Ben Houstie - Ravens

Ben Houstie is a well established artist, born in Bela Bela, the central community of the Heiltsuk Nation, of which Mr. Houstie is a member. His is the outstanding painting of three ravens that grace the postcard I received from Lisa, who lives in Alaska. Thank you so much Lisa, for such a beuatiful card.

3 forever self-adhesive Stamps issued in 27JAN2019, with the American flag, were used to mail this postcard from the Alaskan Frontier, as can be read in the machine applied cancelation.

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